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is a former professor of industrial design and worked in the 3d Reality Capture department of Leica Geosystems. Often collaborate with the reverse engineering department of Hexagon MI, using sub-millimeter measurement tools and related software and applying his knowledge of CAD / CAM software. He was responsible for the technical support of competition tenders, develops special projects for large, key customers, institutional and industrial manufacturing clients and coordinates their training, occasionally post-sales. As an architect, PhD in survey, and being passionate about the world of 3D and design, he has always applied his laser scanner knowledge in the architectural, archaeological, 3D building design as well as intelligent models. He enjoys rendering, animation and virtual reality integration. He has acquired skills in integrating 3D point cloud data for a series of sectors including road design, tunnels, tank calibration, infrastructure, monitoring, civil protection, and forensics for the BPA (blood pattern analysis), estimating the dimensions of the unknown and road accidents. Michele has numerous publications in his field.

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